Ally (spunkeymunkey) wrote in bghs_tigers,


Hey guys, alright I write Up Your Alley for the newspaper but for this issue I can't think of anything to write on so if anyone has any suggestions about things about BGHS or teenage life in general that bug them, or they particularly like, or think should change, or just think could use some coverage in the paper, comment and let me know. I've written some pretty retarded articles before because of lack of anything better to write on. I've written this column for 2 years now, which is why its hard for me to think of topics a lot. Anywho, if anyone has any ideas LET ME KNOW!! I'LL WRITE ABOUT IT!!

Btw, this issue we're doing an article on how friggin' nasty it is how people chew and SPIT their stupid tobacco into the carpet, it's always bugged me and finally I decided to have someone write a scathing opinion article about it, anyways, this is the kind of examples I'm looking for, things that really bug people that could use some coverage in the paper.

Or you could write in an article, it's not that hard, just think of something that pisses you off (or that you really like) and write a few paragraphs on it and give it to Mr. Itkin. We've had them on everything from gay marriage to the confederate flag.

Thanx for your help!
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