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Hey guys, alright I write Up Your Alley for the newspaper but for this issue I can't think of anything to write on so if anyone has any suggestions about things about BGHS or teenage life in general that bug them, or they particularly like, or think should change, or just think could use some coverage in the paper, comment and let me know. I've written some pretty retarded articles before because of lack of anything better to write on. I've written this column for 2 years now, which is why its hard for me to think of topics a lot. Anywho, if anyone has any ideas LET ME KNOW!! I'LL WRITE ABOUT IT!!

Btw, this issue we're doing an article on how friggin' nasty it is how people chew and SPIT their stupid tobacco into the carpet, it's always bugged me and finally I decided to have someone write a scathing opinion article about it, anyways, this is the kind of examples I'm looking for, things that really bug people that could use some coverage in the paper.

Or you could write in an article, it's not that hard, just think of something that pisses you off (or that you really like) and write a few paragraphs on it and give it to Mr. Itkin. We've had them on everything from gay marriage to the confederate flag.

Thanx for your help!
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lkjgfljkrehgrjke CONFEDERATE FLAGS!! >:O!!!

I'm proud of that little article I wrote. Clipped out, and pasted it in my scrapbook I did.

Maybe you should write one about how... uhh... the tennis team at our school doesn't save enough puppies! :o School lunches? Stupid people?

Oh! Right about how the stupid people set the standard! And if you do anything above the standard, you're accused of plagarism! >O (That's happended to me, as well as a couple people I know.)
Ugghhhh, I agree. People here set such low standards, and they just can't believe it if you are at higher standards than them!! It really pisses me off!! No offense to you peoples who have been going to Battle Ground for some time, but I feel that I'm not going to reach my full potential IQ by going to this school. I mean, as in example, the world history class with Mr. Allinger. The first paper we had to write.... Uhm, he had to tell everybody everything about how to write a paper!! And the papers that he used as examples were actual papers from the previous years, and they were horrifying. Seriously. It scares me. Just the fact that a sophmore can't write a proper paper yet... Gah, it just boggles my mind.
Wahoog, I liked that article too, we need more like it!!!

Hmm I might be able to do an article on how really intelligent kids are held back at the level of the stupidest retard in the class because a teacher can only teach at the pace of the stupidest kids. The retards seriously need to be in remedial classes so the rest of us can learn. w00p w00p for AP classes/
Ok, yeah, I'm really pissed. I had a whole few paragraphs about what you should write, and it just erased it all. ARRRGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway.. I was writing about how this school needs proper health classes. Just MAYBE one day a week for gym isn't enough. Students are clueless when it comes to whether they are normal, their bodies, sex, diseases, feelings, stress, suicide, relationships, etc, etc. I've had a REQUIRED health class in my previous school, and they taught us everything. And we were taught not to be afraid to ask questions, and that it was ok to ask an adult about these things. I mea, at my old school, we could get condoms from our health teacher, or just anybody. Here, you have to go to the nurse, and even then you get strange looks. It's a hostile environment when it comes to personal questions here. People are sop afraid and ashamed, but what they don't realize is that we are all like that. We are all worried, and all curious about things. A proper health class would help us.

Grr, I had soo much written! Much more than this, and more explanitory. But yeah, health classes.
Hmm, we did a tug-o-war on whether or not school should teach safe sex or abstinence which had a lot of stuff about health classes needing to help students understand things in order to make good decisions like last issue I think so I may be able to write a follow-up in a later issue after some time has passed, thanx for the idea.
When does the next issue of the Tiger come out?
Umm...2 weeks from this Friday
I say write an article on the bandanas in the backpockets of todays rockers. Today I got told by Bobby to take it out of my pocket because they aren't allowed. Pissed me off. Maybe I should hire someone to kill her.
Is that Tom with you in your icon?!?! ahahaha

What a doofus. XD