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2 x meow?

[27 Jul 2007|07:08pm]

I don't even think anyone updates this community anymore, but I may as well do it just for fun.

So -- has anyone gotten their schedules yet? Because I'm not even at my house and want to know if it's there waiting for me or not.

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[21 Apr 2006|06:02pm]


how's everybody doing?


[23 Oct 2005|01:11am]




people need more spirit these days. ♥

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Classes [27 Aug 2005|12:04am]

Hey so my name is Heather. I dont think I know anyone in my classes but if any of you have these classes..I dunno my teachers..but I'd like to find someone in my class who I know.

1.Pre Calculus
2.World History Allinger I think
3.Honors Chemistry
4.Advanced Photography

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[26 Aug 2005|06:01pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

If school is starting late on Wednesdays does that mean that all the buses are going to run at a later time to? Or are they running at the same time? I think they would unless MGP and MGM are starting late too.

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[25 Aug 2005|09:39pm]

[ mood | content ]

haha dude I forgot I was in this community cause no one ever posts in it, and then I saw someone made a post and I was like, "haha cool."
and i'll stop here cause you prolly all think im high. but i'm not.

Ohh and my schedual is

PE II- Liljedahle
Algebra I- Overhol
Basic Welding- Drake
Symphonic Band- McKelvey
English II- Hale
Biology- Weller

so yeah if anyone has classes with me lemme know cause I have like NO classes with my friends, except for welding with munky. but anyways.

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[25 Aug 2005|10:07pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

My name is Dawnielle. I went to BGHS from 1999 to 2002. I loved a lot of things about high school. The first was my friends. I had the best friends in High School and still have two of my best friends. Linda Poch, now Linda Meaney and Brenda Conroy. I loved choir, Spot Light, English class, Spanish and Psychology. Oh yah and history with MR. Baker. I did not like, feeling like an outcast, being an outcast, kids who did not take their studies at least cemi seriously, people who made fun of me because I am blind, and stuff like that. If any of you would like to get to know me, feel free to look at my user info and let me know and then add me to your friend's page. I'm so happy to have found a community for us!!
Thank You,


Classes. Woot. [12 Aug 2005|07:54pm]

1.Conceptual Physics-Nelson
2.ASL 2-Klaus
3.Careers with Children-Kessler
4.US History-Hale
5.English 3-Holden

Whoo hoo! I hope the teachers I haven't had yet are awesome. People comment and tell me your stuff. Gah, summer's almost over. It's so crazy! I wish it could be longer, yet I'm looking forward to meeting new people and seeing some of my older friends.

Oh, did you all read the notice about school starting late at 8am every Wednesday for teacher meetings? I think that's swell and all, but I'd rather get out earlier. We'll be so used to waking up at the same time everyday, Wednesdays will just screw us up. We'll wake up the same time as a normal day. Our alarm clocks will be all screwed up. What if we had it set for Wednesday, and forgot to set it back to early on Thursday?

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[09 Aug 2005|03:40pm]

[ mood | restless ]

With the school year fast approaching (I'm dreading 6 Sept, and hoping against all I hope that I'll be able to have a killer time at Bumbershoot the day before..), who has actually done any AP homework?

I know for AP Eng. we have to read Lord of the Flies, which I've barely started.

And we have to do all that reading and questions for AP Bio, which, I think I have about five vocab words done, and I've read maybe a paragraph.

Do any other classes have summer work?? Has anyone actually *finished* their homework?

I think the beginning of school is starting to wig me out (I just got the "course syllabus and outline" for AP Stats, and I'm actually thinking of switching out of CWI and into AP Gov't & Politics...). Is anyone counting the days left of summer freedom??


[13 Jul 2005|10:46am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Hello again! Did everyone enjoy their AP scores? Yeah, I know, you're probably all cursing your teachers and whatnot. Anywhoos...

Is anyone here somewhat good friends with TJ Hamman? As in, good enough friends to know who he likes, hates, or wants to "roll in the hay" with? Or, if you're not friends, do you know who his friends are? Besides Beau...any help is greatly appreciated!

6 x meow?

Two months of summer!! [10 Jul 2005|06:54pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Howdy howdy. Is anybody depressed by the school supplies at Freddies? We have two months! Ahh!! And for those of you who took AP tests, we should get our scores within the next week! So nervous for that!

But anyways, I actually do have a question. Does anybody know where Jenny Smith lives? She's all drugged up because of a trip to the dentist, so a friend and I told her we'd go poke her and throw weird things at her because there's nothing she can do about it, but she failed to tell us where she lived before she went under. So any help would be greatly appreciated. And no, I'm not some crazy 90 year old stalker guy who's into watching little girls change clothes or who have weird psycho dreams of having children with their mother. So, Jenny's house? Anybody know the location??

2 x meow?

[17 Jun 2005|04:33pm]

[ mood | content ]

everyone have a wonderful summer!! ^_^


[09 Jun 2005|04:47pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Congratulations Class of 2005!

:D!!!! The next two years will certainly be different with you guys gone, but I wish you all the best of luck!


[04 May 2005|06:35am]

*does crazy dance moves for nobody ever posting in this journal* I mean, really, what is the point of this journal is nobody is posting in it???? THE WORLD IS ENDING! Ok, not really. I don't care. I'm just bored. Sorry for the outburst.

Now time for ice cream.


[13 Apr 2005|05:09pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

Name: Danika
Age: 14
Currently to go BGHS?: yup
If yes, what grade: freshman
If no, when did you graduate:
You in any sports/clubs?: band [im such a band geek ^_^]
What do you like about BGHS?: the people
What do you not like?: the hicks

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[28 Mar 2005|09:10am]

[ mood | sick ]

So everyone's gonna go see Midsummer Night's Dream and support your drama kids, right? ...RIGHT?

It's only $4, Wed, Thur, and Sat.

Go. Or else. D:


Becca's Closet Fashion Show! [16 Mar 2005|12:17pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hi everyone! I want to let you all know about the Fashion Show for Becca's Closet happening this Friday.

If you don't know what Becca's Cloest is..
It is a formal dress exchange program for those in financial need. Those who want to go to a formal dance, like Prom coming up, but can't afford to buy your own dress, you're in luck! Becca's Closet provides gorgeous dresses, that you even get to keep for your own.. FOR FREE!

The Battle Ground High chapter of Becca's Closet is having a Fashion Show this Friday in the BGHS Cafeteria to show off some of the beautiful dresses we have.

It's only $2 at the door! There are wonderful door prizes, including gift certificates for Applebee's, free makeovers, free massages and more!

The theme of the night is Girls Night Out, but anyone and everyone are welcome!!

If there are anymore questions, please comment or get ahold of me on AIM at crossxxmeout. I hope to see you people there!!


SPREAD THE WORD! [17 Feb 2005|10:33pm]



7 x meow?

I am tiger! [13 Jan 2005|09:27pm]

[ mood | tired ]

New logo for the BGHS tigers maybe? It's so CUTE!

9 x meow?

The NEWSPAPER! [03 Jan 2005|11:33am]

Hey guys, alright I write Up Your Alley for the newspaper but for this issue I can't think of anything to write on so if anyone has any suggestions about things about BGHS or teenage life in general that bug them, or they particularly like, or think should change, or just think could use some coverage in the paper, comment and let me know. I've written some pretty retarded articles before because of lack of anything better to write on. I've written this column for 2 years now, which is why its hard for me to think of topics a lot. Anywho, if anyone has any ideas LET ME KNOW!! I'LL WRITE ABOUT IT!!

Btw, this issue we're doing an article on how friggin' nasty it is how people chew and SPIT their stupid tobacco into the carpet, it's always bugged me and finally I decided to have someone write a scathing opinion article about it, anyways, this is the kind of examples I'm looking for, things that really bug people that could use some coverage in the paper.

Or you could write in an article, it's not that hard, just think of something that pisses you off (or that you really like) and write a few paragraphs on it and give it to Mr. Itkin. We've had them on everything from gay marriage to the confederate flag.

Thanx for your help!

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